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Complete Billing Telehealth Guide for Physical Therapists

Read Healthie's complete billing guide for physical therapists. Learn about telehealth, billing, and CPT codes for physical therapy.

Are you a physical therapist with their own business, looking to learn about billing for your services?

Physical therapists spend countless hours working with clients to rehabilitate and strengthen after injury; it’s important that they are paid for their time spent, so they can stay in business and continue providing care.  Billing for physical therapy can be a tedious process, due to the level of specificity needed for reimbursement by insurance or setting up a pay structure for out-of-pocket clients.  It’s important for physical therapists to have a strong understanding of how to bill both insurance and self-pay clients for their services, to receive payment for their services. 

Additionally, insurance payers including Medicare, UnitedHealthCare, and others are beginning to reimburse physical therapists and occupational therapists for certain telehealth services, particularly remote assessment and management services that do not require in-person, face-to-face treatment. Learning how to bill insurance properly for virtual services is key for future success as a physical therapist. 

In this guide, we will walk you through every step of the billing process for physical therapists. Learn the best CPT codes, which modifiers to add, how to bill for both in-person and virtual services, and more. 

Checklist: Complete Billing Guide for Physical Therapists

  • Frequently used CPT codes
  • Modifiers
  • Out of Network Billing
  • Legal Guidelines and Restrictions
  • Telehealth
  • Verifying Patients’ Insurance
  • Healthie for Physical Therapy Billing 

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