Functional Medicine

A comprehensive functional
medicine platform.

Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant practice management software that enables you to run your
functional medicine business and connect with patients.

Functional Medicine

Grow Your Functional Medicine Business and
Build Long-term Relationships

Save Time

Before Healthie, healthcare practitioners spent 40% of their day on back-office tasks. With Healthie’s business tools and task automations, time can be spent where it matters most: on client care.

Increase revenue

Diversify your services by offering subscription services and telehealth services, and by offering products directly for online purchase.

Improve outcomes

Provide ongoing support, real-time feedback, and accountability to improve your patients’ health outcomes. 

Functional Medicine

The Clinic EHR & Billing Software For Your Functional Medicine Business

Secure practice management for naturopathic care
Embed Healthie with your website or landing page to enable patient online appointment booking and direct purchase of services
Automatic email and text appointment reminders
Customized intake and e-signature forms; Healthie comes pre-loaded with a library of common wellness assessments and waivers can be customized for care
EHR for seamless charting with charting templates that can be tailored for functional medicine including draw-on charting for assessments
Credit card processing and electronic invoices for client packages
Integration with Fullscript to share nutrition supplement recommendations with patients, and track compliance
Functional Medicine

Built-in Functional Medicine Telehealth

For one-on-one nutrition counseling and group sessions
Integrated high-quality video chat, no separate app needed
Providers and clients can launch video calls on web or mobile (iOS and Android)
Group video conferencing and webinars via Healthie's direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom (no separate account needed)
Record group sessions & webinars and store within Healthie -- directly share videos with clients or build into an online Healthie program
Functional Medicine

Patient Engagement & Mobile App

Food and lifestyle logging (food, workouts, selfies) which can be customized for each patient's needs
Share your comments on entries for real-time feedback and accountability
Create health and wellness goals for clients to track on a daily, weekly, and long-term basis with customizable client notifications/reminders
Secure messaging for client-provider communication between sessions
Video consultations and appointment scheduling on-the-go
Track individual client metrics, workouts with available Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit integrations
Functional Medicine

Automate Online Engagement with Clients

Add new revenue streams to your business with Healthie Programs. Build and host your online wellness courses, no third-party subscriptions required.
Distribute emails, pre-recorded videos, surveys, personalized assessments, progress assessments, and educational handouts for patients with ease.
Share documents with patient Care Plans, treatment protocols, and practice information.
Functional Medicine

Scale Your Care Team

Work within a group of health and wellness professionals?

Healthie's care team management features streamline team operations across scheduling and billing.
Create Teams to seamlessly provide coordinated care to your clients.
Receive Healthie support when onboarding new team members to Healthie.
Share documents, handouts, programs, intake forms, and charting templates across your organization.
Use Healthie in your clinic, hospital, outpatient, or private practice as a patient engagement tool alongside existing EHR or booking software.
Functional Medicine

Health Software that Makes a Difference

Healthie is the only software solution that helps you manage your business so that you can focus on business growth and patient relationships.

Ongoing customer support

Free webinars, training classes, community support, and industry resources to help your get the most out of Healthie.

Always secure

Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and PCI-compliant, so rest assured, your information is kept safe.

Adapts to your business

Your business is unique, and so are your patient's needs. Settings, journaling features, and branding can be tailored for your business and team needs.

Helps your business grow

Healthie enables you to expand your services offered, with the ability to add unlimited team members and patients over time.

Accessible anywhere

Healthie's cloud-based web and mobile app means you, and your patients, can securely log in from any device.


Functional Medicine Loves Healthie

"We are creating more meaningful and impactful relationships with our clients by running our business much more efficiently with Healthie."

Shelby Cox MS, RDN, CSOWM
Director of Clinical Services, Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

"Healthie’s technology has improved convenience, flexibility, efficiency, and marketability...We are able to send intake paperwork, chat between sessions, image and video links, and provided documents."

Andrea Weiss RD, IBCLC
WIC Program Manager

"Healthie allows us to engage our clients on multiple levels… to touch our clients in a variety of ways, which ensures their success!"

Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN
Founder, Living Plate

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