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University of Tennessee Knoxville's Align Care Case Study

Knoxville, TN
University - Community Outreach

University of Tennessee’s Align Care Program uses Healthie’s Virtual Tools for Veterinary Care Services and Data Collection

The University of Tennessee’s Align Care program was launched to provide public support and assistance to veterinary care. Based on years of groundbreaking research, Align Care’s origin story has showcased how rampant lack of access to care around the country, which contributes to prolonged recovery, premature death, or relinquishment. With Align Care, families in need are able to apply for, and receive, access to the veterinary care that they need. 

With Healthie implemented into their workflow for the past several years, UTK’s Align Care program has been able to streamline participant onboarding and intake, to determine eligibility for programs. Moreover, the team has been able to collect important research data, leveraging Healthie’s Reporting and Analytics features to run analyses on program efficacy. This has been invaluable as the program has scaled and found success, and has served as a template for modern veterinary care access in other institutions. 

Dr. Elizabeth Strand, the Director of Veterinary Social Work at UTK’s Align Care Program, identified Healthie as the tool that would serve as a strong foundation for their program, and also make it easy for her growing team to conduct case management, housing appointment records and other important information. The team leverages Healthie’s charting platform and intake form fields to create a digital repository of information for each participant, held in a secure way. The UTK Align Care team appreciates the ongoing flexibility that they maintain to create new forms, while still retaining old data and information as well. 

Align Care has also been able to leverage virtual engagement features, such as chat and e-mails to connect with their participants online. They can also run training programs with their team, on how to address crises and help participants out with critical issues that they face. 

By leveraging Healthie’s all-in-one tooling, Align Care has been able to build a successful and growing pipeline of community engagement, which is invaluable to their community.

“Healthie has been immensely valuable in helping us enroll families into our program. It has created an easy place for clients to access care and conduct case management. Also, the customer support team has been helpful each step of the way.”

Dr. Pamela Linden, PhD

Director of Veterinary Social Work

Why UTK’s Align Care Chose Healthie

All in one case management tooling 

UTK’s Align Care team knew that having a centralized place for case management would be important in order to ensure that information was kept safe and secure and organized, which would allow them to scale. “Healthie has been an important, all in one place for our team to house case management information. It has created an easy place for us to store information on our participants.” 

Online enrollment and integrated data collection

When Align Care was looking for a program, they knew that it’d be important to have virtual services in place to facilitate surveys, intake collection, and data entry. When they found Healthie, they were excited to have a streamlined, digital solution for collecting and storing information. 

Participant engagement using virtual services

Via Healthie’s chat, e-mailing and logging features, the UTK team is able to engage with clients in a scalable, online manner, which adds to the efficacy of their programs. Participants appreciate being able to message with a team member of the UTK staff, and receive automatic e-mails reminding them of key activities to undergo as part of their enrollment in Align Care.

Customer Support 

When selecting a platform, it was incredibly important to the UTK Align Care team to have a strong support team to answer questions, help with onboarding and training of staff, and enable ongoing success and utilization of the platform. “As we have used Healthie, whenever we have contacted customer service, they have been very responsive, which is very important to us.”

Data and reporting capabilities 

For UTK’s Align Care, being able to collect client intake forms online, periodically send surveys, and aggregate information is critical to their success, and analyses. “Healthie has made it so easy for us to collect applications for the Align Care program, collect relevant health information on participants, and analyze results for internal purposes.” Through Healthie, Align Care can leverage the Reports feature to stay organized and demonstrate meaningful programmatic impact.

University of Tennessee Knoxville - Align Care’s Favorite Healthie Features


Healthie’s easy drag-and-drop form builder allows providers to create online forms in minutes. Create policy forms, waivers, assessments, and surveys that can automatically distribute to clients to complete electronically.


Securely message with clients and maintain internal team communications. Create individual chats, group chats, and send message blasts.

Automated Emails

Healthie’s platform automatically sends clients e-mails around appointment reminders, engagement, reminders to complete forms, and more.

EHR & Charting

Create and utilize multiple charting templates based on client and provider specialty.

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