Case Study

MSU Sports Nutrition Case Study

East Lansing, Michigan

Provide Coordinated Nutrition Care to Student Athletes

When Rob Masterson started working in sports nutrition for Michigan State University’s athletic program, he was using almost a dozen apps to help the athletes perform at a peak level. Frustrated with all the stand-alone apps, lack of integration, and outdated processes - including using a ‘secure word document’ - he had to find a better solution to coordinate his athlete’s care. 

After finding Healthie, he converted the entire football team, hockey team, and men’s basketball team to the platform. Now nearly all of the 25 Spartan Athletic teams use the Healthie platform to manage their teams’ nutrition. Learn how Michigan State was able to consolidate the tools they use, and transform the nutritional support provided across their elite Spartan athletes. 

“We used lots of different things, none of which satisfied our needs completely…I just got frustrated, started searching, and came across Healthie. Healthie has been an absolute answer to what we needed.”

Rob Masterson RD, CSSD

Director of Performance Nutrition, MSU

Why Michigan State University Chose Healthie

Seamless nutrition care through telehealth

Working with student athletes doesn’t stop on campus. With individual and group telehealth capabilities, MSU faculty can connect with students in a secure and virtual way. “When, for whatever reason, we can’t work with our athletes in person, we can still reach out to our athletes from home.”

Automated onboarding for new students 

Onboarding new athletes is integral to building MSU’s Spartan culture. “The Healthie system sends an automated email to the freshman as soon as they are entered into our database. Rather than us track down the new students, the system communicates with them automatically. The incoming players learn the system and enter with an understanding of how the system operates. It adds to the culture of elite-level performance nutrition.

Scalable wellness solution for Universities 

Universities are able to scale the wellness services they provide across sports teams, departments, and campuses. “Now, nearly all of the 25 varsity sports, including the football, hockey, and basketball teams use Healthie. It’s highly scalable across the organization and is well integrated.” Healthie makes it easy to add new licenses to your organization and provides live onboarding support.

Advanced metrics tracking

Integrating with wearable fitness trackers like FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit, synced data is automatically pulled into Healthie for MSU faculty to review. Having an aggregated way to track the progress of each individual athlete adds to the elite-level performance nutrition provided by Spartan Athletics.

Modern consolidation of tools 

3 years ago, Rob struggled to keep track of the multitude of apps needed to support Spartan athletes. With Healthie, he was able to replace 17 apps into one platform. This has given the Spartan Athletics department an edge over rival institutions. “I feel like we’re 2-3 years ahead of the competition,” Rob shares.

Michigan State’s Favorite Healthie Features


Customizable calendar that can be shared across organization members. Make student and client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.


HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, as well as the ability to host webinars. Engage with students in a way that is convenient and flexible, reaching students wherever they are.

Client Mobile App

Engage with students virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth. Students can log into their secure, HIPAA-compliant Healthie Portal from any device.

Food & Metrics Journaling

Customize the metrics and goals that each student can view and log, as part of a truly tailored wellness program. Integrations available for the industry’s leading wearable fitness trackers, enabling a simple and secure way to automatically collect metrics from students.

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