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Pacific Nutrition Partners Group Nutrition Practice Case Study

Los Angeles, California
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Expand Your Group Wellness Practice With Ease

After meeting in dietetics class in their university, six dietitians endeavored to band together and create a collaborative group nutrition practice. Among the co-founders, Esther Shultz, MS RDN and Jocelyn Harrison, MPH RDN, recognized the benefit of collaboration when running a business. Each of the co-founders had unique experiences and skills to bring to the table, from business knowledge to research and marketing backgrounds; collectively, they were better as a whole. 

As they established their practice as a legal entity, they found themselves challenged with what to do next. Finding a way to enable six different partners, in multiple office locations, to work cohesively together as a single business team. As they analyzed their business plan, they realized that they needed a solution that would allow them to manage the daily tasks of their business. That’s when they discovered Healthie. 

As an all-in-one software solution, Healthie enabled Pacific Nutrition Partners to manage their scheduling, billing, charting, and client communication. Each partner received a secure login, but all accounts are linked under their organization. This enables each partner to work independently, but to share important tools, resources, and client information. 

With the right software in place, Pacific Nutrition Partners launched their collaborative practice and continues to flourish years later.

"It was when we were writing our business plan that we truly assessed all of our needs: we need to be HIPPA compliant, we need to communicate with our clients, we need scheduling, billing and we need to provide superbills. We needed a service that provided all of this, which is when we realized the value of Healthie."

Esther Schultz MS, RD

Co-Founder, Pacific Nutrition Partners

Why Pacific Nutrition Partners Chose Healthie

Ability to launch as a group

The co-founders of Pacific Nutrition Partners had their business plan in hand, but needed a practical way to manage a multi-provider practice. Healthie’s Group Practice plan was the solution they needed, providing all the tools they needed to launch their business.

Shared resources for practitioners

As each partner would be counseling clients independently, the group needed a way to share intake forms, charting notes, educational handouts, and more. With Healthie, all resources are shared and available to each practitioner through their Healthie account.

One monthly price

By consolidating all of their tools into one practice management platform, Pacific Nutrition Partners was able to save with just one monthly expense.

Cloud-based access from any device

Working across multiple locations, Pacific Nutrition Partners needed a convenient way to keep track of their business and communicate with each other. With secure access from any device, Healthie enables each practitioner to be just a click away at all times.

Seamless client engagement

With Healthie’s mobile app, each practitioner is able to securely message with clients, review lifestyle and food journal logs, and provide real-time client support. “The ease of communication using the Healthie app helps clients feel connected with us in between appointments and they feel like they have someone to feel accountable to,” says Esther.

Pacific Nutrition Partner’s Favorite Healthie Features


Shared organization calendar that works across multiple practitioners, and multiple office locations.

Client Mobile App

Engage with clients virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth on the go


Securely message with clients and maintain internal team communications. Create individual chats, group chats, and send message blasts.

Admin Priviledges

Scalable practice management features enable seamless cross-team coordination

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