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Open Hand Atlanta Case Study

Atlanta, Georgia
Non-Profit Organizations

Make Your Online Nutrition Programs and Services Accessible to Community Members

In the peak of the HIV-epidemic, Open Hand Atlanta was created with the sole purpose of providing home-delivered, nutrition-friendly meals for patients living with HIV. More than 30 years later, Open Hand continues to serve thousands of community members with medically tailored meals.

Today, and through the support of Healthie, Open Hand Atlanta has been able to bring new branches to their organization -- including Good Measure Meals which services tailored programs to enterprise employees, and Cooking Matters, which provides healthy cooking lessons to at-risk community members.

Collectively, the Open Hand organization is able to support their community with specialized meals and nutrition programs that help drive improved health outcomes.

In 2018, Laura Samnadda MS, RDN, LD, and Director of Nutrition Services for Open Hand Atlanta, was tasked with an important mission: to find a telehealth platform. Looking to expand their services virtually in order to bring their services into remote areas, Laura found Healthie. Since implementing Healthie, Open Hand Atlanta has been able to expand its service offerings and programs beyond what they envisioned. Learn how this non-profit organization has succeeded in providing its free online nutrition program in new and inventive ways. 

"Once COVID hit, we went straight to development with our online nutrition programs. What we’ve managed to develop is above and beyond what we’ve imagined we could do."

Laura Samnadda MS, RD, LDN

Director of Nutrition Services, Open Hand Atlanta

Why Non-Profit Open Hand Atlanta Chose Healthie’s Telehealth Software

Ability to host and run online nutrition programs 

With thousands of community members to reach, Open Hand Atlanta, Good Measure Meals, and Cooking Matters needed a practical way to bring their programs directly to those in need. “Healthie made it so easy to have so many different ways to provide nutrition education, through recordings or lives or a series of classes.”

Tools to scale virtually  

While previously offering a blend of in-person and virtual programming, COVID-19 pushed Open Hand to pivot their strategy. “Healthie has helped us stay active and alive in the COVID pandemic where we can’t be in the same room as the people we want to educate.”

Centralized invoicing and reporting capabilities 

Prior to Healthie, Open Hand Atlanta depended on Excel spreadsheets to get invoices tracked and paid for. Now providers are able to create invoices that automatically send to clients, to collect payments electronically. Detailed reporting allows accounting teams to keep close tabs on the financial health of the organizations. 

Easy use for community members

Serving thousands of at-risk populations throughout the community, Open Hand Atlanta needed a technology partner that would make access easy for their clients. With one login to their secure Client Portal, members can access their account from any device.

Ability to collect data and measure outcomes 

Central to non-profit programming is the ability to measure outcomes. “We do pre- and post-surveys with our small research studies and programs to assess knowledge and behavior change.”

Open Hand Atlanta’s Favorite Healthie Features

Online Programs

Healthie enables organizations to create open-enrollment and fixed-date programs, automatically distributing program content to enrolled participants.


Fully integrated with HIPAA-compliant Zoom, Healthie providers telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, and webinars. No need to create a Zoom account or enable an integration, simply log into your Healthie Provider account.


Healthie’s easy drag-and-drop form builder allows providers to create online forms in minutes. Create policy forms, waivers, assessments, and surveys that can automatically distribute to clients to complete electronically.


Customizable calendar that can be shared across providers. Save time with automated appointment confirmation and reminders. Make client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.

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