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Move the Needle’s Online Fitness Coach Study

Santa Rosa, California
Private Practice & Coaching

Grow Your Health and Fitness Coaching Program and Help Individuals Achieve Their Long-Term Goals

Move the Needle’s driving mission is to “move the needle in the direction of client goals” and help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. When Erik and Chris started Move the Needle, they were using nearly six different management platforms, communicating with clients through multiple mediums, and overall were in desperate need of a comprehensive, customizable fitness coaching software for their nutrition and coaching business.  

After finding Healthie, Move the Needle has been able to scale their business to coach between 50-100 clients and has evolved to providing online fitness coaching alongside their nutrition offerings.  Learn how Move the Needle serves its clients to lose weight, get off diabetic medication, and get results to become healthier and happier, all with the support of Healthie’s telehealth and client engagement features.

"The ROI from Healthie, I couldn’t put a number on it because it is so valuable. Our clients are staying with us longer and, because they are staying on longer they are actually getting the results they want that they couldn’t get before."

Chris Quinby VP, CFO

Founder, Move the Needle

Why Move the Needle Chose Healthie

All in One Solution   

Before Healthie, MTN was using multiple documents and spreadsheets to organize client information, while communicating with clients through email, texts, calls, and even direct messages on social media. With Healthie, MTN is able to consolidate all of those needs into one online fitness coaching platform.

Reliable Customer Service 

Our customer support team is always available to answer questions, walk through features, and listen to feedback.  The Healthie platform is constantly being updated with feature requests from our providers, as well.


Move the Needle was able to customize the look of the Healthie platform to reflect their own personal branding, in addition to editing a host of settings to ensure each Healthie feature was what they needed for their online fitness coaching business.

Simplified Management

With Healthie’s client engagement suite and HIPAA-compliant EHR features, Move the Needle was able to seamlessly streamline their client management workflows.

Improved Client-Coach Relationships

With the ability to consistently communicate with clients, using Healthie’s secure chat, telehealth, or journaling features, coaches can easily build strong relationships with their clients.  “Healthie empowers us to deliver better service for each and every client that we have come through our virtual door.”

Move the Needle’s Favorite Healthie Features

Client Mobile App

Engage with clients virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth on the go.

Online Programs

Healthie enables organizations to create open-enrollment and fixed-date programs, automatically distributing program content to enrolled participants.


HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, as well as the ability to host webinars. Engage with clients in a way that is convenient and flexible, reaching clients wherever they are.

Food & Metrics Journaling

Metrics journaling allows clients to track different health indicators, and sync wearable technology like FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit for additional health information.

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