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Living Plate Group Dietitian Practice Case Study

Far Hills, New Jersey
Private Practice & Coaching

Grow Your Nutrition Practice and Build Client Relationships 

When Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN started Living Plate, she knew that building close relationships with her clients would be at the heart of her business model and the key to client care. She also recognized early on in her tenure as a dietitian, that she wanted to create a food-focused practice. In order for her culinary-focused practice to succeed, she knew that she needed to include technology that would keep clients engaged.

She started by piecing together a handful of platforms to facilitate her business needs - a calendar tool, a telehealth platform, a food logging app, a charting platform, and even paper and pens. Her team was constantly switching back and forth amongst four desktop tabs and three mobile-apps, which was very time-consuming. 

Jeanne and her team report feeling held back. “The integration of so many tools really slowed us down, and it was tough for my clients.” 

When clients pushed back or flat out refused to use various pieces of software to work with a Living Plate dietitian, Jeanne knew something had to change. After an immense effort to “make it work,” Jeanne discovered Healthie. 

"Pre-Healthie, I found myself fussing so much with various platforms, it was like I was juggling all the time. The lack of consolidation was maddening."

Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN

Founder, Living Plate

Why Living Plate Chose Healthie

This dietitian group practice consolidated their tools and drove client engagement when switching to Healthie. Learn why. 

Ability to save time and scale

Living Plate was spending hours on internal processes every week, which was holding back growth on patient volume. Upon switching to Healthie, Jeanne’s time was freed to pursue business growth opportunities. Healthie was the vehicle that helped our business explode.”

Continuity of care across practitioners

“Having all practice management features in one place helps the dietitians at Living Plate support one another. If one RD is out of the office, another dietitian - with client permission - can jump in, quickly get caught up, and provide a seamless care experience.”

Easy data transfer and support 

Jeanne was nervous about switching to a new practice management platform, especially with hundreds of patient records to transfer. However, Jeanne’s practice was pleased with Healthie’s support team. “When I had a problem with previous platforms, I would have to wait days for so many people to get back to me. Now, it’s in one place. All of us here at Living Plate would answer that it was 100% worth making the switch.”

Seamless client experience

Having just one technology platform is much more approachable for Living Plate clients. “Our clients have enough to worry about when trying to make behavior changes,” says Jeanne. “They don’t need to feel overwhelmed by multiple technology components. Healthie allows us to engage our clients on multiple levels… to touch our clients in a variety of ways, which ensures their success!”

Option to offer new services 

When making the switch to Healthie, Living Plate was able to introduce new business verticals into their practice, as part of fueling growth. Specifically, the Programs feature allowed Living Plate to start selling online courses to clients.

Living Plate’s Favorite Healthie Features

Online Programs

Build online courses that drip videos, handouts, surveys, and e-mails out to clients virtually.

Admin Priviledges

Scalable practice management features enable seamless cross-team coordination.

Client Mobile App

Engage with clients virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth on the go.


Customizable calendar that can be shared across providers. Save time with automated appointment confirmation and reminders. Make client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.

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