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When Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN set out to create Kelly’s Choice, she was determined to transform the way people received nutrition education. Working as a dietitian in corporate wellness, she knew that she could transform lives. But she also saw the limitations that existed. While she could provide on-site wellness workshops and in-person nutrition education, she couldn’t consistently reach everyone. 

There were corporate wellness employees that couldn’t leave their posts to attend her workshops. There was a gap in nutrition education available to community members. Despite there being a need for her services, care just couldn’t be delivered in a way that improved the health of her collective community. 

In her endeavors to expand care, Kelly began to create video content. She created video after video, full of tailored nutrition education. And she didn’t stop there. Kelly’s Choice created documents, handouts, recipes, and meal plans too. There was an incredible demand for nutrition education, so much so, that Kelly began to hire more dietitians to advance her mission, “real people who promote eating real food.” 

With resources and a team in place, Kelly’s Choice faced one critical challenge: How could they communicate this content in an organized fashion, connect authentically with clients, and engage them in personal transformations? “Everything was piecemeal. You could host videos here, but schedule appointments here, and create Superbills here. Everything had different sign ons.” 

It was at that moment that Kelly’s Choice found Healthie. With features to organize content into online programs, telehealth services to deliver virtual synchronous care and a full client engagement suite, Kelly’s Choice found their solution. 

Learn how Kelly’s Choice was able to scale into a multi-faceted, nationwide organization, with the support of the right software. 

“Healthie enabled us to take our videos, organize them, and create programs to slow-drip this information to increase engagement.”

Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN

Founder, Kelly's Choice

Why Kelly’s Choice Chose Healthie

Ability to host and run programs 

With thousands of documents and videos ready to be distributed, Kelly’s Choice needed a way to organize this content and distribute it to clients. “Now because of Healthie’s programs, we can break up content into bite-size pieces over 12 weeks.” With the ability to store and automatically send their wellness content, Kelly’s Choice is now able to work with thousands of clients at once.

Healthcare software they could trust

More than a solution, Kelly’s Choice found a partnership in Healthie. With the support of Healthie’s tools and team, Kelly was able to confidently grow her business, adding more providers, more locations, and more clients with ease. “We’re growing so rapidly and we have these amazing people helping us. I think that partnerships and working together are so important.”

Support for all facets of their organization 

As an all-in-one software solution, Healthie enables Kelly’s Choice to diversify their services and expand community reach. “Truly keeping everything in one place has worked so well for us.” From worksite workshops, corporate wellness, community wellbeing, sports nutrition, and private practice, Kelly’s Choice is able to use one tool to meet their wide business needs.

Real-time client engagement 

Integral to the care that Kelly’s Choice provides is the ability to engage with clients in real-time. Everybody can access Healthie’s core client-facing features: food journaling, exercise tracking, goals, and chat. This enables thousands of clients to receive the individualized care and support that they need to make real health changes. “We help clients on a longer track, and we can reach and offer this for the masses.”

Ability to scale corporate programs nationwide 

“We were able to get out to the nation because we have videos, webinars, and  telehealth.” With the support of Healthie, Kelly’s Choice has been able to grow their team internally, as well as expand their reach across the nation. Healthie enables organizations to add new providers, with onboarding support, to make team and business growth a seamless experience.

Kelly’s Choice’s Favorite Healthie Features

Online Programs

Leveraging Healthie’s Program’s feature, Kelly’s Choice is able to organize their educational content into specialized health and wellness programs that can be slow-dripped and automatically delivered to thousands of users. “We can reach the masses now because of programs. We can work with a company that has 32,000 users. How could we speak to and engage with that many people without programs?”

Client Mobile App

Engage with clients virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth on the go. “With Healthie, dietitians can comment and move clients in the right direction. Because of this engagement, we can really engage clients many times over a long period of time to help them reach their goals.”


Internal library of patient educational resources (videos, PDFs, documents, and more) that can be shared by practitioners and patients alike through Healthie’s integrated EHR. “Healthie was significant because it truly kept everything in one place. We have over 3,000 documents that are well organized.”


Healthie allows clients to talk directly to a registered dietitian right from the app. “Clients are able to use the chat feature, so if they have questions in-between, they can talk to a Registered Dietitian. We have someone who checks chats and gets back to people quickly - it’s fast and helps with engagement.”

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