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Healthcare Startup Med Companion Case Study

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Healthcare Startup Med Companion Chooses Healthie for Client Engagement Strategies & Provider Operations

Med Companion was founded with the mission to help families and caregivers close the gap in communication and understanding that often occurs between providers and family members in Healthcare. By closing this gap, family members are better equipped to navigate complicated decisions and prognoses in healthcare to improve the quality of care received by their loved ones. Med Companion serves as a trusted conduit when family members are unavailable or incapable of being present, and a credible, reliable source of information for those who seek ancillary assistance to support loved ones. 

Med Companion’s programs and services can help the millions of families that have loved ones going through long-term health challenges. Healthie serves as the single platform for Med Companion to build back-end operations for their growing provider network, as well as offer one, comprehensive place for families and individuals to work with the organization. 

Founder and CEO Marly Brodsky chose Healthie Day 1 as they sought to launch their startup. She was looking at a variety of vendors that each provided one of the services she needed - a HIPAA-compliant texting platform, a charting system, document storage platforms with limits, and disparate telehealth platforms - she knew that she’d want a system to help her scale, that she would not need to rip out and replace in the future. She loved Healthie’s customizability, and the modern client interface. 

The Med Companion team has since set up specific workflows and processes that span intake form generation, packages available for purchase, client engagement, and more. Moreover, the team has been able to set up Reporting & Analytics capabilities that are essential to monitoring success and identifying areas for improvement. 

Med Companion has also been able to leverage virtual engagement features, such as chat and e-mails to connect with their clients and families online. This has been a game changer for increasing patient engagement and program participation. 

By implementing Healthie, Med Companion has built out workflows that will hold as the startup continues to scale and set up protocols, care plans, and tooling for clients to build ongoing relationships with the team.

“Healthie is one platform that has absolutely everything we need, is easy to use and fully customizable. We know that we can scale with no limits, and incredible customer service along the way.”

Marly Brodsky

CEO and Founder of Med Companion

Why Med Companion Chose Healthie

A Scalable platform for their growing team

Med Companion’s Founder and CEO, Marly Brodsky, knew that having a centralized place for her team to manage back-office, build content repositories, and develop processes for client workflows would be critical for client experience. Moreover, she wanted to develop systems and processes that would be scalable, versus having to switch platforms in the future.

One login for providers and clients

For D2C healthcare startups, client experience is everything. Having a single, comprehensive source of information, resources, and access to skilled Med Companion providers is crucial in delivering modern, effective, and efficient care. “We were looking at different vendors that each provided a different service, and we realized that we’d be cobbling together a handful of tools, all of which Healthie provides in one place.”

Seamless online form creation and collection

Med Companion has been able to set up detailed onboarding workflows and collect necessary client information through Healthie’s online form creation system. The team can request information when clients purchase services on their website, and send ongoing follow up requests for form completion that is tied to their internal Reporting & Analytics needs.

Participant communication via Chat

Central to the Med Companion ethos is building an ongoing, trusted relationship between Client and Provider. Via Healthie’s Chat, the team can check in, provide ongoing support, and bolster engagement as part of an overall Program. Moreover, with Group Chats and Message Blasts, the team has scalable infrastructure to grow with.

Data analytics

As a rapidly growing startup, it was important for Med Companion’s founding team to have analytics at their fingertips, to understand metrics around operational efficiency, client engagement, and healthcare outcomes. Healthie serves as the central place for the team to pull important business metrics.

Med Companion’s Favorite Healthie Features


Healthie’s easy drag-and-drop form builder allows providers to create online forms in minutes. Build intake flows to sent to clients automatically upon signing up, and allow clients to complete forms electronically.


Customizable calendar that can be shared across providers. Save time with automated appointment confirmation and reminders. Make client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.


Build custom client packages, create invoices, and collect payment directly through the platform.

EHR & Charting

Create and utilize multiple charting templates based on client and provider specialty.

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