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HealthWorks Medical Corporate Wellness Case Study

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Corporate Wellness

HealthWorks Medical Leverages Healthie to Build Lasting Relationships & Support Employee Wellness

Kevin Winn, Executive Director of HealthWorks Kinesiology, was looking for a way to engage his growing base of clients remotely as their team was scaling. He realized that healthcare was being increasingly delivered in a continuous, relationship-centered way, and wanted to expand his injury prevention and corporate health and wellness programs beyond traditional methods. Overall, he knew that in order to implement lasting changes for patient engagement in healthcare, he needed to find a way for employees and his healthcare providers to establish a personal relationship. 

As he searched for a HIPAA-compliant software and corporate wellness platform to support his efforts, Kevin struggled to find the right fit for both his company and his client’s needs. He also wanted to focus his company on providing healthcare services, rather than building the patient engagement software to deliver the care. He knew by partnering with a technology company, he’d save time, effort, and resources and not need to develop services in-house. As he learned about Healthie he knew this was the solution he’d been looking for: Healthie could help him inspire employees to make lasting lifestyle changes, while also improving ROI for their companies.  

After implementing Healthie to their healthcare clinic, the HealthWorks team has been able to expand their reach to support a growing number of companies in Kentucky and Tennessee, and hopes to scale nationwide in coming months. Healthie has enabled them to connect with employees to provide needed support for lasting lifestyle changes that positively impact their health, prevent injury, and improve overall operations. In Kevin's words, “We love Healthie and everything about it!” Through long-term corporate health and wellness programs, telehealth appointments, message support, and so much more, this healthcare clinic is seeing off-the-charts engagement from clients, improved company ROI, and overall better health outcomes from clients. By leveraging Healthie to offer wellness and injury prevention programs for employees, Kevin knows he is doing what he was meant to do with his life: improve the lives of others.

“As I continue to use Healthie, I always discover something new, and it’s always a good discovery. Healthie can always do more than I previously thought.”

Kevin Winn

Executive Director, HealthWorks Kinesiology

Why HealthWorks Medical Chose Healthie

Ability to build long-term engagement with clients

Previous patient engagement strategies for healthcare , such as posters and emails, were getting lost throughout his clients’ workspaces. Leveraging Healthie’s comprehensive patient engagement software, he has been able to build strong relationships and achieve life-changing outcomes for his clients. Many of his clients log food & lifestyle entries more than 5 times per day. 


HealthWorks Medical needed a HIPAA-compliant solution, given the nature of information held within the platform. Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, PCI, and GDPR compliant, ensuring maximum security of protected health information. 

Comprehensive customer support

Recommended, personalized customer support during onboarding and implementation was important to the HealthWorks Medical team’s overall patient engagement strategy, as they sought to launch quickly with their current base of clients. 

Capacity for national scale

HealthWorks Medical plans to scale nationally as they solidify their clinical offering & partner with employers around the country. Healthie’s corporate wellness technology & infrastructure will continue to serve as the backbone as client volume and business complexities increase. 

Reporting & analytics

Being that HealthWorks takes a unique, long-term approach to corporate wellness and injury prevention, it is crucial that they demonstrate ROI to companies they partner with. Reports & Dashboard within Healthie aggregate data on a variety of client and business KPIs. 

HealthWorks Medical’s Favorite Healthie Features

Food & Metrics Journaling

Metrics journaling allows clients to track different health indicators, and sync wearable technology like FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit for additional health information.


HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, as well as the ability to host webinars. Engage with clients in a way that is convenient and flexible, reaching clients wherever they are.


Securely message with clients and maintain internal team communications. Create individual chats, group chats, and send message blasts.


Work with Healthie’s team to generate custom reports that make analytics and business analysis easy.

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