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Diabetes Care Partners Case Study

West Covina, California
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Expand Your Diabetes Management Program to Reach Thousands of Clients

Tony Song and his wife, a pharmacist, founded Diabetes Care Partners (DCP) in 2003 with the belief that “knowledge can empower transformation” for people living with diabetes. 

Initially formed to provide medication to those struggling with diabetes, the company transformed its methodology and brought “discovery learning” to the forefront as their leading methodology to transform care. Convinced that discovery learning was relevant and helpful, the Songs transformed their approach and proceeded. 

Today, DCP is a national award-winning comprehensive diabetes education organization and destination for personalized diabetes management and nutrition education utilizing onsite, telehealth, and on-demand models of delivery to maximize access. DCP manages more than 25 sites across the state of California for diabetes education and self-management training, helping over 20,000 members living with diabetes.

With numerous insurance contracts in place, 98% of their members are on a payer-plan, enabling DCP to deliver life-saving diabetes counseling to thousands in an affordable way. Moving their diabetes program online, DCP has been able to “expand beyond the local community”, and multiplied the success of their in-person programs. Offering group programs, diabetes nutrition education, carb counting programs, cooking demonstrations, diabetes counseling, market tours, and more -- Diabetes Care Partners now offers their full-service diabetes programs completely online through Healthie. 

"Healthie's strategic focus and the integration of all the platforms proved it was going in the same direction as our company: there was a real synergy in both the current features and the direction."

Tony Song CEO

Founder, Diabetes Care Partners

Why Diabetes Care Partners Chose Healthie

Improved team communications

With 12 providers on staff, Diabetes Care Partners utilizes Healthie’s secure chat function to streamline team communication. The staff is able to chat amongst themselves to coordinate client care. They are also able to reach out to clients on their long waitlist when a last-minute appointment becomes available.

Ability to scale virtually  

Telehealth enabled Diabetes Care Partners to “expand beyond the local community”, and multiplied the success of the in-person programs with online diabetes coaching. 18 years after starting, Diabetes Care Partners is now, in 2020, 100% virtual. “We got rid of the office lease,” Song said. “We were really ready for COVID-19,” he added.

Real-time engagement with clients 

Diabetes Care Partners drives health outcomes through diabetes nutrition education and leverages Healthie to deliver the core management program and education that 60-70% of their members need. The communication component of Healthie allows Diabetes Care Partners to have touch-points throughout their member journey to give them more confidence. 

Streamlined business operations

“There were so many different platforms that we needed to integrate via protocols and procedures, including scheduling, telehealth, billing, EHR, team communication. We had to manage all of these programs individually, and when we had so many more members in our programs, it was so hard to do.” By consolidating their core business tools into one platform, Diabetes Care Partners was able to save time and streamline operations.

Opportunity to expand existing services

“As we see less people in person and face to face, more of Healthie’s member-facing features are going to be even more valuable. For instance, the patient monitoring and documentation of sessions that is important for working with insurance payers will be huge.”

Diabetes Care Partners’ Favorite Healthie Features

Insurance Billing

EHR for client charting and easily create CMS 1500 claims or Superbills. Direct integration with Office Ally allows for seamless claim submission.


Healthie’s secure chat feature allows organization members to connect with each other for internal communication. Providers are also able to connect directly with clients to discuss care, appointments, and more.


Customizable calendar that can be shared across providers. Save time with automated appointment confirmation and reminders. Make client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.


Fully integrated with HIPAA-compliant Zoom, Healthie providers telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, and webinars. No need to create a Zoom account or enable an integration, simply log into your Healthie Provider account.

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