Case Study

CSU Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Case Study

Fort Collins, Colorado

Utilize Health System Technology to Enhance Community Health 

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center’s mission is to provide training for students in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition while enhancing the health of the community through nutrition outreach, collaboration, and research. Nutrition services regularly provided by the Center’s dietitians include motivational nutrition counseling, lifestyle coaching, cooking classes, and personalized diet, shopping, meal planning, and wellness tips. 

Apart from individual nutrition services for their community, this Colorado State University health system also provides curated group wellness programs. They operate Diabetes Prevention Programs, weight management programs, and mindful eating programs. By delivering care to a wider audience, they help to improve community health outcomes via disease prevention and management. 

The nutrition services and programs provided by Colorado State’s premier Nutrition Center are critical to their community. In an effort to drive engagement and community participation, the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center made the decision to seek a technology partner that could support their needs as a health system. 

“Technology is changing everything we do because we now have an opportunity to interact with clients and other members of the healthcare team in real-time,” shares Shelby Cox, Associate Director at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center. 

In their mission to leverage technology for improving healthcare delivery, Colorado State and the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center discovered Healthie. Supporting the health system in two ways, through the training of their students, as well as a patient engagement tool with clients, Healthie was uniquely suited to meet their needs. 

Years later, the partnership has been able to flourish, and the quality of care provided by the Nutrition Center has elevated. 

“With the implementation of technology, we are able to safely manage clients’ information and easily follow up with each individual… We are creating more meaningful and impactful relationships with our clients by running our business much more efficiently with Healthie.”

Shelby Cox MS, RDN, CSOWM

Director of Clinical Services, Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Why Colorado State’s Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center Chose Healthie

Seamless implementation 

Having access to a Client Portal from the web or Healthie mobile app makes sense to the Nutrition Center’s clients. “There wasn’t much of a barrier for our clients to overcome because people are using their phones and computers for everything nowadays. Our clients know it makes sense to have easy access to their own nutritional information and interact in real-time with their dietitian.”

Improved client engagement 

“Our clients and team of dietitians love the photo food logging because it’s an intuitive approach to care. It’s very simple for clients to self-monitor, and rather than counting calories, the photo food log allows our clients to monitor hunger and fullness, further developing the sense of intuitive eating — one of our major missions at the Center and our approach to care.”

Added accountability to drive health outcomes

Healthie provides an all-in-one technology solution to be accessed by healthcare practitioners and clients alike. “We utilize the billing features, scheduling, website integration, and the mobile app to boost client engagement,” the Nutrition Center shares.

Ease of use across complex organizations

Healthie provided an easy way to meet the needs of an organization -- providing support as new practitioners, dietitians, administrators, billers, students, and more given access to secure Healthie accounts.

Continuity of care 

Transitioning away from multiple technology platforms and tools, the center is able to consolidate into one convenient platform. The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center is fully integrated with the Healthie platform... Everything we need to manage our Center is kept in one place and our interactions are practically seamless.”

Colorado State’s Favorite Healthie Features


Customizable calendar that can be shared across providers. Save time with automated appointment confirmation and reminders. Make client scheduling simple, with online appointment booking.

Payment Processing

PCI-compliant, Healthie allows you to automatically collect and store client payment information. Build packages to charge clients for services and set up automatic subscription payments. Full insurance billing suite to make creating CMS-1500 claims, Superbills, and invoicing seamless.

Client Mobile App

Engage with clients virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth on the go.

Website Integration

Add Healthie calendar booking links to your website. Embed clients packages and programs, for clients to purchase and enroll in services directly through your website.

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Build on modern infrastructure for virtual-first care.

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