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Jacqui Bryan Case Study

New Hampshire, USA
Private Practice

How Jacqui Bryan has grown a private practice to educate hundreds of clients with Healthie

Eighteen years ago, registered nurse, Jacqui Bryan received a diagnosis that no patient ever wants to hear: "You have cancer." She was a young mom working in healthcare, forced to fight her way to recovery. Fortunately, Jacqui was able to gain back her health, and a new perspective on life. Determined to help others, Jacqui added another layer of education to her nursing background as Whole Health Educator™ and Functional Nutritionist.  

Jacqui’s breast cancer diagnosis served as the catalyst for her to design health education programs highlighting the connection between disease and unhealthy lifestyle choices. She shares these programs with organizations all over the US. Jacqui utilizes her professional and personal experience working with proven strategies to inspire individuals and groups to harness the power of their internal motivation for healthy behavior change.

Healthie provided Jacqui with the platform she needed to build and expand her functional nutrition private practice and work with clients in an engaging way. She immediately found the tools she needed to build a successful practice that also automated much of her (previously) manual workflows. Today, Jacqui leverages Healthie to run dozens of online programs, and share countless educational content with her clients. She runs live group sessions, engages with clients through Healthie's chat platform, and automated important workflows. Jacqui is able to reach more clients than ever, and continue to grow the private practice she envisioned, with a technology platform that is able to grow with her.

“Healthie checked all of the boxes for me and I am growing with Healthie.”

Jacqui Bryan


Why Jacqui Bryan Chose Healthie

A scalable virtual nutritionist platform for her growing business

Healthie provided Jacqui with the tools she needed to launch her nutritionist private  practice and build her client base. As her business grew, Healthie was able to grow along with her, with premium features that allowed her to diversify her services. From online programming to group telehealth, Jacqui was able to add-on the features she needed at every new stage in her business growth. “Healthie checked all of the boxes for me and I am growing with Healthie.” 

A full suite of client engagement features

When asked about the value of engaging with clients in her private practice, Jacqui states it simply: “Client engagement is everything.” Whether it’s through video calls, messenger, pre-recorded videos, or online programs, Jacqui leverages the client engagement features offered by Healthie. These tools allow her to build relationships with clients and provide engaging care; “People aren’t going to remember what I told them, they are going to remember how I make them feel.”

Ability to create & sell online programs

At the heart of Jacqui’s practice is her expansive, and tailored library of educational online programs. Jacqui leverages Healthie’s fixed-start and rolling-start programs to provide automated client education - dripping out content at a pace where clients can absorb, and implement the required lifestyle changes. These automations save her time, as well as the ability to reach more clients and expand her nutrition private practice. “I look more professional, and my life is easier, thanks to Healthie.” 

Individual & group telehealth capabilities 

Whether it’s live videos or pre pre-recorded sessions, Jacqui finds video to be a valuable way to engage with her clients and program members. Healthie’s virtual nutritionist telehealth tools gave her a virtual presence, especially during Covid - in fact, she was able to transition one of her in-person office locations to a completely virtual office during Covid.

Constant new Healthie features 

As providers like Jacqui find new pain points and needs within their business, the Healthie Product Team is there to support them. Each week, new features are added to the platform, designed to improve workflows, and streamline operations. “When Healthie introduces a new feature, I try it out right away.” 

Jacqui Bryan’s Favorite Healthie Features

Online Programs

Healthie enables organizations to create open-enrollment and fixed-date programs, automatically distributing program content to enrolled participants.


HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities for individual and group video sessions, as well as the ability to host webinars. Engage with clients in a way that is convenient and flexible, reaching clients wherever they are.

Client Mobile App

Engage with clients virtually with food and lifestyle logging, messaging, and telehealth on the go.

Automated Emails

Schedule program emails to send to clients, for between session engagement.

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Build on modern infrastructure for virtual-first care.

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