What to Expect at FNCE 2021

Learn what to expect from this year's virtual nutrition conference for FNCE 2021. Find out why you should attend this year's unique event.

Every year, thousands of dietitians come to the Food and Nutrition Convention and Exhibition, or FNCE, an annual event hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Whether you’re a seasoned RD or a dietetic intern just starting out, coming to FNCE means finding opportunities for wherever you are in your career.

Here are the top three reasons to come to this year’s FNCE:

1. Networking opportunities for career advancement

One of the biggest perks of big conferences like FNCE is that registered dietitians from all over the country attend. With thousands of professionals from every part of the field, you’re bound to connect with at least a few like-minded dietitians. Having the opportunity to talk to other dietitians means you can expand your community and network of peers and get advice from professionals who have more or different kinds of experience.

Apart from the educational workshops and vendor halls, FNCE also arranges several networking events, meet-ups and post-conference activities.

2. Exclusive workshops and talks for professional development

FNCE has plenty of workshops for every type of conference attendee. No matter what your level of experience in the dietetic community may be, everyone has an opportunity to learn more and grow; attending a few seminars can help you learn tips and tricks from the cream of the crop. For dietitians, there is the opportunity to earn CPEUs. In fact, you’ll earn a minimum of 20.5 CEUs just by attending. With a vast amount of speakers, panels and courses, attending FNCE is a great way to gain a burst of professional development. Here are some of the topics covered in FNCE educational courses:

  • Latest areas of nutrition research
  • New dietary approaches for disease management
  • New food and nutrition innovations
  • Healthcare advancements
  • Career guidance and pathways for dietitians
  • and so much more

3. New products and software to stay on top of the latest nutrition trends

Hundreds of companies come to FNCE every year to spread the word about their products. From specialty foods to EHR, you can learn about the newest trends that are revolutionizing the field that can help streamline your practice.

Overall, big dietetic conferences provide dietitians the opportunity to grow and connect within the field. Learn more about FNCE, and come join us at the Healthie Booth.

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