How to Build a Virtual Nutrition Practice

Learn how to build a virtual nutrition practice and how practice management platforms support telenutrition practices at Healthie.

Today, we’re excited to speak with Courtney Mosser, RD, CSO, LD, CLT, a private practice dietitian with a 100% virtual practice.

We first met Courtney almost a year ago when Courtney was just starting her private practice and had just left her full-time job in Florida. Since then, with the help of Healthie, Courtney has taken her practice with her while traveling for fun and business, including recently completing an assignment (through Dietitians on Demand) across the country.

Find out how she did it and how she includes technology in her private practice:

Tell us how your private practice has evolved since the last time we spoke with you.

Courtney: I was working full time as an in house and outpatient oncology dietitian, while completing my masters degree and was becoming burnt out, both professionally and emotionally.

I had experienced too many personal and professional losses, so I just needed to step away for a little.

I quit my full time oncology position [on my 30th birthday!] with the idea that I would take some time off, then return refreshed.

However, after I took a few months off, traveled and became yoga teacher, I figured this was the time to make my private practice a priority! I’ve always been a very planned out person but this wasn’t planned, it just fell into place and felt right!

What made you decide to have 100% virtual practice?

Courtney: I knew I didn’t want to start a physical practice, because while I knew I didn’t want to stay in Florida forever, I also didn’t know where I actually wanted to be.

Starting a physical practice wasn’t the answer at this time, so I started my virtual practice!

I love traveling and a brick and mortar practice wouldn’t work for the lifestyle I’ve created.

I got started with Healthie right away and it lets me do everything I want – like go to Puerto Rico for a yoga retreat and keep seeing clients too!


How has Healthie helped you manage and grow your practice?

Courtney: I started using Healthie right away!

I do a lot on Healthie – my packages are right there, I get paid on there, my clients can message me and I can see them securely for our sessions. Healthie feels like my office, I suppose. I log in and I’m at my office!

The support at Healthie has been fantastic. Healthie gives me the feeling of “we’re in this together,” which I love because it can be scary going into private practice alone. Healthie made me feel like everything was going to be OK. I also loved the Business Bootcamp… it made me feel like I wasn’t completely alone!

What was it like taking your practice on the road?

Courtney: I just finished a travel assignment through Dietitians on Demand that placed me in a long-term care facility across the country, but I was able to bring my practice with me thanks to Healthie!

I had never worked in a long-term care facility before, but the contract was where my family is originally from and it gave me a great excuse to travel and visit for an extended period of time.

The experience was great, not only did I enjoy lots of time with my extended family, but my co-workers, the residents and other people at the facility were a joy.

My days were long while I was traveling because I would be at the facility all day and then I would work with my private clients in the evenings and respond to new inquiries. And I would check-in with my clients via Healthie while I was eating lunch too!

Any time you travel I feel like there is an aspect of getting a little bit behind, so there were definitely moments when I felt overwhelmed keeping up with everything. I had quite a few moments when I felt like I wasn’t keeping up the way I should be, but I always tried to return calls within 36 hours or less.

Ironically, I feel like I got so many more inquiries when I was there compared to the few weeks before and since I’ve been back, but it’s a blessing and stressful at the same time!

Overall, I’m so grateful that I could have this experience and bring my practice with me.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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