Angela Gallagher of Hungry For Health Case Study

Learn how Angela Gallagher of Hungry For Health expanded her nutrition practice by choosing Healthie as her private practice software.

When Angela Gallagher, RDN, founder at Hungry For Health, wanted to scale her private practice, she knew she needed to incorporate cutting edge technology into her practice workflow to maximize her efficiency in managing a solo practice, and free her time to focus on providing unparalleled care for her clients.

The Challenge to Private Practices: Which Tools to Use?

As Angela searched for a tool that could help her to migrate Hungry For Health online, Angela initially tried a free telehealth service for video visits with her clients, but described the experience as “clunky.” Angela was managing her practice across multiple platforms, which felt  fragmented and was way too time consuming. She began by using HIPAA Bridge for telehealth, Practice Fusion for her EHR documentation, Square for payment processing, Office Ally for insurance claim submissions, Google calendar for scheduling (with Virtu added for encryption to make it HIPAA-compliant), and an eFax service. Angela ultimately found that these services lacked RDN-specific features, and chose to try Healthie.

Why Angela Gallagher of Hungry For Health Chose Healthie

When Angela switched Hungry for Health’s management to Healthie, she was able to integrate her practice management into one platform, minimizing her time spent maneuvering between systems. Additionally, Angela used Healthie’s built-in efax feature to stay in close communication with referring providers and insurance networks. Angela was thrilled that she could seamlessly maintain continuity of care regardless of which EHR or health portal her referring providers used. By easily providing care updates to referring physicians, Angela built a strong base of referring providers, a strategy which proved to help grow her practice. This steady stream of inbound clients helped her practice achieve strong and consistent growth.

One of many crucial factors for Hungry For Health’s success is growth directly due to the practice’s marketing, online presence, and website. In reflecting on the growth trends at Hungry for Health, Angela was surprised by the number of clients who came to her practice with no physician referral. To optimize revenue opportunities and increase convenience for clients, Angela takes advantage of Healthie’s integration with her website’s calendar to create a streamlined online booking experience for clients. Individuals are able to visit her website, join easily, and get started with appointments right away by booking directly from her website..

Marketing Your Nutrition Business

Angela attributes her marketing success to her online presence on health-centered websites like AND, Health Grades, and Health Profs, as well as strategic budgeted marketing with AdWords and social media promotions. She notes, “however, I do believe the best solid referral still comes from a client well served!”

In addition to making her practice more marketable, Angela has also found a great fit with her Melbourne, Florida clients, many of whom are involved in the aerospace industry and appreciate the cutting edge technology of her practice. She says, “Many clients continue to comment how easy the Healthie nutrition platform is to use…the streamlined communication with clients and patients is beneficial for both my practice and clients, allowing for personalized nutrition care that can result in lasting health changes in a shorter length of time.”

Angela uses Healthie’s dashboard to track her key practice metrics, and was impressed with her growth over the past year. As a result of major strategic decisions, like adding Healthie to her practice, enhancing her online marketing, and utilizing business courses, Hungry For Health grew 477% in 2016 compared to 2015. She is on track to provide a similar return this year, and is excited to see what the year will bring.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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