Meet the Dietitian: Barbara Baron

Learn about Barbara Baron's 30 year career as a dietitian, and read her advice about becoming a nutritionist and following your passion.

Today we’re pleased to introduce the Healthie community to Barbara Baron, a dietitian who we’re proud to support as she was one of our first Healthie members! Barbara is a renowned nutrition expert and founder of the “Be Your Own MVP™” program. Barbara is not only a highly experienced veteran of private practice, she is an outstanding member of several Academy chapters too.

Why and how did you decide to become a dietitian?

I loved biology since 7th grade – the cardiovascular, respiratory, and especially the digestive system – learning how the body breaks down and absorbs nutrients from food! In high school, I explored nutrition and dietetics as a career path because I could help people see the connection between health, food and lifestyle choices. When most volunteered to be a “Candy Striper (volunteer)” in the hospital, I asked the Director of Nutrition and Food at a nearby hospital if I could lend my services and learn more about dietetics.

Tell us about your nutrition career to date.

On social media, I often see those who#lovemyjob!” While that resonates, it isn’t just a job to me. I’m more likely to write #Ilovemycareer!  Being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) offers so many career paths. I am fortunate to have covered many of them! That’s what makes it so exciting and allows for continued growth.

I attribute my own professional wealth to inspirational teachers and encouraging leaders throughout my career. I attended Hunter College and New York University, worked at the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Dairy Council. Plus, I also served my profession as President and delegate of local and state districts.

It was during my internship at NY Presbyterian Hospital where it all came together. You know the book “All you need to know about life, I learned in kindergarten?” Well, “All I learned about ‘food and nutrition,’ I learned during my internship.” I was introduced to all aspects of nutrition from clinical to community, to behavioral health and food services. It was no picnic, but worth the ‘sweat and tears!’

I am grateful for spending years ensuring good health for children and older adults when I practiced at The Hospital for Special Surgery. Also for educating, coordinating, writing, and delivering nutrition education programs for health professionals and teachers, on behalf of the dairy farmers of NY, NJ and PA (while working at the Dairy Council).

Always an entrepreneur, as a RDN of 30 plus years, and motivated by the wonderful experiences around family meals, I’m sharing my best practices as a family meals dietitian. I work with health care providers and busy parents to become their own “MVP” using Moderation, Variety, and Planning to build healthier bodies one meal at a time™!

What advice do you have for dietitians just getting started?

Follow your passion, persevere, and pay it forward networking and volunteering with your local and state Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics! It will return tenfold!

How do you think Technology is changing the way dietitians are practicing care?

Technology is more accessible to everyone. Used responsibly, it really does provide clients with access to my services essentially in real-time. I can support them through tough days and cheer them on to success.

Why are you excited about using Healthie?

It is a safe and secure site, and HIPAA-compliant, which is critical when working with confidential client information. I also love that my clients can move from my website for information to the site seamlessly. Once they log onto Healthie, they continue to experience my personal values, access my forms, and communicate with me, knowing that they are in good hands!

Anything else you want to share?

Healthie is easy to use and provides phenomenal support. Erica and Cavan are terrific to work with. Their response time is quick and they are always improving the site! I love working with them because they are always ready to implement any recommendations I may have!

Check out Barbara’s website to learn more about her practice and how she uses Healthie’s tools to improve her business.

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