How Lactation Consultants Use Telehealth Software

Learn how Healthie can help telehealth lactation consultants improve their care. Find out how our software can help lactation consultants.

As a lactation consultant, you provide an unparalleled gift to new moms at such an important and vulnerable time in their lives.

But what if it was even easier to provide your care to even more moms in need?

Healthie wants to help you promote breastfeeding, reach more mothers in need and provide the education breastfeeding moms need through our all-in-one, HIPAA-compliant practice management platform.

Healthie was designed to help allied health professionals, like you, provide better care to more individuals in need. Lactation consultants across the United States are using Healthie to improve their quality of care, organize their practices and help promote breastfeeding.

How Lactation Consultants Use Healthie’s Telehealth Software

1. Educational Features

Healthie’s educational features and document sharing allow for in-depth breastfeeding education, providing more value to breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation consultants can even schedule educational handouts to automatically be sent to clients over time so new mothers are not overwhelmed with an excessive amount of new information at once.

This drip of automated educational information allows new moms time to digest and implement the information in a realistic way. For lactation consultants, building out an educational program will require a time investment upfront to create, but can automatically run moving forward. This ensures that every client you enroll in your program receive the right information over time, without you having to follow-up. This in turn saves times and ensures (your) quality care is always provided. Program materials also can reinforce principles you discuss in session with your lactation clients in-session.

2. HIPAA-compliant telehealth

In between appointments or after an initial consultation, lactation consultants can use Healthie’s telehealth features to communicate securely with clients.

Video conferencing is a great way that more new mothers can receive support with breastfeeding, without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes, which we understand can be difficult with a newborn.

Even if telehealth is not your primary business, after an initial consultation or in between appointments, telehealth conferencing can be useful for small tweaks to optimize care. Providing virtual check-ins helps new mothers feel supported between sessions and report any challenges they may be experiencing.

3. Online client scheduling and billing

Healthie’s calendar integrates seamlessly with your website so new moms can book appointments without ever picking up the phone.

These appointments – whether telehealth or in-person – will be confirmed automatically, text message reminders can be sent out, and you can integrate Healthie’s calendar with Outlook or Google.

New mothers will appreciate the flexibility and convenience of online booking, along with the automatic appointment reminders.

Additionally, you can get paid for your services right through Healthie. Healthie’s integration with Stripe lets you securely collect credit card information and process payments in one place. Create self-pay packages for lactation clients, or provide a la carte counseling sessions.

4. Group lactation educational sessions

One deterring feature from breastfeeding for many expectant moms is a lack of education.

As a lactation consultant, you can promote breastfeeding to many expectant moms before their child is even born, so they can make an informed decision about whether they want to breastfeed or not.

As new motherhood can be isolating, breastfeeding support groups are a valuable service to help mothers understand the fundamentals of breastfeeding, troubleshoot their challenges, and feel connected to other new moms. For many mothers living in rural areas, there may not be any nearby, quality lactation consultants or community support groups. For moms with multiple children, they may struggle to attend any in-person breast-feeding support groups as they need to also care for their other children.

By hosting group webinars for expectant mothers, you can educate up to 50 expectant moms at one time on the benefits of breastfeeding and provide the tools new moms need to make an informed decision for their family. Additionally, group webinars are a great way to boost practice revenue or obtain new clients.

5. Charting tailored for lactation clients

Whatever your charting style may be, Healthie has the features you need to document your care. Leverage are existing, built-in templates such as ADIME and SOAP notes or create your own customized charting templates. Creating custom charting forms tailored for your client-base will help save time when charting, and can help drive the flow of your client sessions.

To further help you save time on charting, you can create any new client paperwork or forms that will automatically send to clients pre-session to complete electronically. You’ll be able to view this completed paperwork prior to your first session, and use it as your charting note during that first call.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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