How To Sell Wellness Services Effectively

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For any entrepreneur, connecting with new prospects is an essential step in gaining new clients. Every interaction with a lead allows you to 1) qualify if they are the right fit for your business, and 2) sell those qualified leads your services. This process is no different for wellness entrepreneurs, but yet, many wellness and nutrition professionals struggle to sell their services.

If you are having trouble signing on new clients, especially if you are receiving many leads, then you may want to ask yourself:

“Am I selling my wellness services in the most effective way possible?”

Fine tuning your sales process, or client pitch, will allow you to more effectively connect with prospective clients. This critical process starts with your very first client call, and is integral to growing your wellness business.

In this article, we help you make the most of every new client call, and convert every qualified lead into a paying wellness client. If you’re truly looking to grow your wellness business, Healthie’s practice management software can help through client retention strategies, facilitating partnerships and more. Get started for free today!

Tips to Effectively Sell Your Wellness Services

1. Shift your mindset and embrace selling your services

If you feel uncomfortable seeing yourself as a “salesperson,” it will likely show in your calls with prospective clients — and your lead will fail to close (sign up). You offer a high quality service that changes lives, and this should outshine any hesitations you feel.

Here are a few things to know that will help you shift your mindset, and embrace your sales role:

  • Your prospective client reached out to you because they are already interested in your services.
  • The health and wellness services that you provide are valuable, and can help your prospective client transform their life.
  • Your prospective client needs help, and you are the right qualified person, to help them find a healthcare solution.

What may help the most in adjusting your mindset, is remembering that you are already a “salesperson,” in that you are constantly selling the benefits of making healthy changes. You share your knowledge with your clients, while motivating them to take the next steps with their health, and that is exactly what sales is: communicating the value of your service as the solution to their problem, and motivating your lead to take action.

“I feel good because I know it’s good for them and I can help.”

Use this same sentence when “selling” your service. You can help them and they need to buy what you’re selling in order to help them. So the better you are at getting them to sign up, the better off they are.

2. Lead with the value of your services (not your rates)

We all know the conventional meaning of a “salesperson,” that is selling your services in the most profitable way possible. However, as a professional in the wellness industry, to really drive sales up, it’s more about forming strong connections with your potential clients and showcasing the value of your services.

Establishing a connection and demonstrating the value of your services should always come first, before you talk about rates. You want prospective clients to really see how your process can be the solution they are looking for, and help them with the wellness transformation they are seeking. Take a personalized approach to every client you see and act as someone in their lives that they can trust and come to you with their problems. You might not be a business person, but thinking like a healthcare provider will only benefit your sales skills.

3. Demonstrate confidence and knowledge to potential clients

Inevitably, clients trust the salesperson that is confident and knowledgeable about the product or service they are selling. If you are not confident in yourself and your services, you can’t expect someone else to be confident enough to buy what you’re selling. The more confident and convicted you are in yourself, the more confidence they will have in you. Confident salespeople know their strengths, so use your knowledge and expertise to demonstrate that to them.

How to Structure Your Discovery Calls

Build a connection, and help prospective client feel comfortable:

On a discovery call, you want to make sure the tone of your voice is linear, keeping a consistent and smooth volume. Studies show that 55% of what you say is body language 38% is tonality, and 7% are the actual words. If this is on the phone, most is going to be your tone and ability to make a connection with how you are speaking to them and making them feel. People remember how you made them feel more so than what you said. The client is in a vulnerable state, admitting they need help – so always keep that in mind.

Start the conversation with a personal connection as opposed to jumping right into their problems. This allows them to warm up to you a bit and get talking about something that makes them happy. Builds relatability, comfort, and trust.

Transition into qualifying your lead:

Once you’ve established some comfort and conversation, now it’s time to get to work. Put on your healthcare provider hat and get ready to actively listen and ask pertinent questions.

“Well (client name) I’m excited you reached out, and I want to learn more about what’s going on, what you’re looking for and see if I can help.” Start with an open ended question, “so tell me what’s going on, what motivated you to reach out?”

Structure your assessment, and determine if lead is the right fit for your practice:

This is where you can start to give them a taste of the expertise experience. Have a structured way of assessing them and personalizing their program.

  • Have a list of questions to help assess
  • Keep it light and incorporate some knowledge along the way.
  • Normalize their problems and issues
  • “You’re not alone with that, many people struggle with the same thing”
  • “That is very common with the clients I work with, I can help you there”
  • Let them know you have the solutions
  • “There are actually a few small tweaks, I can help you with improving that including x, y, x…”
  • “That sounds like an area you want to focus on, that’s definitely something I can help with, here’s how we would approach that.”

Closing the sale with qualified leads:

Don’t be shy when closing a sale. As confident as one can be, it’s easy to fall into this and not be as confident as you might normally would be due to the fear of not making that sale. But remember, you are giving them guidance as an expert. You are the solution to their problem and they are motivated to take action. If you currently use Healthie, you can mention how you offer open communication through convenient client messaging or by setting up food, lifestyle, or activity journaling. Click here to learn how to set up these features with Healthie’s Free Starter Plan today.

If you are selling your services to a prospective client over the phone, and they are sounding very optimistic about utilizing your services, then transition into what they should do next. Respond with first and foremost their next step (booking a call, getting registered for your care) then talk about payment methods (based on whether you take insurance or not), but don’t center your conversation or make payment the star point.

E.g.: “Great! It sounds like this is something I can definitely help you with and I’m excited to get you there! What I would like to do is set you up with the __ (program you’re selling)__, and then _ (whatever the next step is) _.” “How does that sound?”… then say NOTHING … wait for them to respond.

Sales is something that you get comfortable with time and practice. Be yourself and show your client you genuinely care about them by actively listening to them when they talk. Some of the most effective “salespeople” do not have a formal background in sales, rather, they were compassionate about their clients and passionate about their solution.

Energy can be contagious. Combine that with small tactical sales techniques and you will have clients signing up for your wellness services without hesitation. Learn as much as you can as a salesperson. If someone doesn’t sign up for your services, ask yourself why. Were they not your ideal client? Is there something you could have done differently? Probably not. Overall, knowing how to effectively sell your wellness services is an integral step when starting your own nutrition practice. Know the ins and outs of your business to guide you in the right direction and to inevitably reach your full potential obtaining the sales you desire.

How To Leverage Healthie when Selling your Services

Have a “booking” process set up makes it as easy and quick for leads to sign on as a paying customer. Too many steps in this process, or having a process that feels unprofessional, can quickly deter a client from taking the final step – signing up.
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